MIRENAT® range of products based on Lauric Arginate for food preservation

LAE® or Lauric Arginate, is an innovative and safe food preservative with really high antimicrobial activity against all kind of gram positive bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes, Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Staphylococus aureus and gram negative bacteria like Salmonella spp, Escherichia coli, Campylobacter jejuni.

Mirenat® is an innocuous product that is rapidly metabolized in the digestive tract by hydrolysing into natural compounds found in the human diet.

The active ingredient of lauric arginate is ethyl-Nα-lauroyl-L-arginate HCl with the CAS No. 60372-77-2.

It is a cationic surfactant with a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, yeast and moulds.

Why there is a need for Lauric Arginate in the marketplace?

The purpose of adding a preservative to a food product is to retard or prevent the deterioration of the food product by microorganisms.

The price of food has been steadily decreasing over the years thanks to the introduction of large-scale manufacturing techniques. However, over short periods of time these large-scale techniques may sometimes result in the mishandling of a step of the manufacturing process, allowing the introduction of micro-organisms. Assurance of product safety is of primary importance and thanks to the systematic implementation of HACCP in food factories, there are fewer and fewer problems of microbial food spoilage. However, when microbial contamination does happen, the economic impact resulting from direct claims and adverse publicity can be extremely detrimental for the industry.

Diseases caused by foodborne pathogens constitute a worldwide public health problem because contamination can occur at any point in the food chain. The following diagram shows the common causes of food contamination:

VEDEQSA has conducted efficacy studies demonstrating that lauric arginate is a potential alternative for most of the currently approved food preservatives such as sulphites, benzoates and sorbates, all of which have inherent limitations.

Intended uses and proposed use levels:

Lauric arginate is intended for use as a preservative to guarantee the safe consumption of food, and it can also act as a preservative or as an active ingredient in cosmetic products.

In cosmetics, lauric arginate can be employed up to 0.4% as a preservative for cosmetic products, and up to 0.8% as an active ingredient in soaps, anti-dandruff shampoos and deodorants.

Concerning foodstuffs, lauric arginate is intended for use in a wide range of food products, e.g.: meat, fish, cheese, beverages, soups, salads, fillings, pizza toppings among others. In fact, the uses of lauric arginate will change according to the market where it is going to be used, so that the eating habits of each country will determine the most appropriate applications.

Commercial product names for food industry are Mirenat®-N, Mirenat®-G, Mirenat®-ET, Mirenat®-TT and Mirenat®-DC.All of them are formulations comprising 10-15% solutions of ethyl lauroyl arginate in appropriate food grade solvents, e.g. propylene glycol, glycerine or ethanol. The percentage of lauric arginate may be varied according to customer needs. In addition, LAMIRSA GROUP has developed solid formulations with ethyl lauroyl arginate. The commercial product names of solid formulations are Mirenat®-D, Mirenat®-NS, Mirenat®-NSM and Mirenat®-P.


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