VEDEQSA Solutions for Bakery
ALKEMIR®: stabilizing mixtures based on sodium alginate for bakery products, biscuits and pastries
MIRCAP: ingredients coated with fats for the preservation of microorganisms, lengthening the shelf life, preventing the growth of mold, optimizing production, since they reduce yeast doses, as well as chemical boosters, acidulants and other active ingredients that improve texture, flavor and aroma of bakery products and pastries.
PANOSORB®: preservative to prevent the growth of mold in products of the baking industry
VEDEQSA Solutions for Confectionery
MIRCAP: microencapsulated malic acid and citric acid for candies, deposited gelatins and extruded strips, filled in candies or gum balls with acids.
And other stabilizer products for sauces, mayonnaise, dressings, pickled products, pet food preparations, among others.