VEDEQSA has just published its latest edition of the MIRCAP® mircoencapsulated products catalog.
With a new and fashion design, the catalog presents the MIRCAP® product range, its technology, advantages and applications.
MIRCAP®, one of VEDEQSA‘s flagship products, is based on microencapsulation technology, an effective process that improves the performance of food products. increasing its quality, useful life and optimizing production costs. The main advantage of microencapsulation is the controlled release of the active, either by temperature, solubility, immediate or sustained.
The range of VEDEQSA microencapsulated has applications for bakery, confectionery and meat products, among others. As for the bakery, it enhaces yeast increasing the shelf life of the product. In relation to the confectionery, the flavour is released quickly in the mouth, which improving the quality of the product. And in meat, an optimum product is obtained, improving productivity.
The new MIRCAP® product catalog can be downloaded here:
And for more information of VEDEQSA’s microencapsulation products you can visit our web.