Leader in the production of additives

VEDEQSA, has been part of the Lamirsa Group since 1967 and specialises in the manufacture of additives and ingredients specifically for the food and cosmetics industries..
Since 1959, the Lamirsa Group has specialised in the design of innovative chemical substances for a wide variety of industrial markets.

With a 33,000m2 production plant in Terrassa, Barcelona, the company is a firm leader in the additives market with a 45% stake in the domestic market and 55% in the foreign market
Fully satisfying our customers’ needs in more than 60 countries is the key goal of the Lamirsa Group’s 120 employees.
Each day, our team of doctors and technicians work effortlessly in the field of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) with cutting-edge technology to find and implement new applications to enhance our customers’ products.

VEDEQSA provides a wide range of additives specially designed and developed for the food and cosmetics industries, such as preservatives, microencapsulated products, hydrocolloids and stabilisers, to name just a few.
Key products in our range include:
MIRENAT® preservatives for the food industry based on LAE®
AMINAT® preservatives for the cosmetics industry based on LAE®
MIRCAP® microencapsulated products for the baking, confectionery and meat industries.
ALKEMIR® hydrocolloid formations, specially designed for various applications and composed of mixtures based on alginate, carrageenan and gums such as carob, xanthan and guar.


In the early 1980s, the Lamirsa Group began research into a new approach to the control of pathogens in food through the application of cationic surfactants based on natural building blocks that inhibit the proliferation of a huge variety of microorganisms, including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, moulds and yeasts.
That’s how it developed LAE® (lauric arginate ethyl), a innovative antimicrobial that is safe for human intake, as it’s based on natural compounds: lauric acid, L-arginate and ethyl alcohol.
LAE® has been subject to extensive toxicological studies at internationally recognised laboratories.
These studies have proven that this innovative substance, manufactured under processes patented by the Lamirsa Group, is totally safe and innocuous for consumers.