Fresh meat products for longer

Since its creation in 1967, Vedeqsa has had a clear objective: to develop technological solutions for the food industry aimed at controlling pathogens and prolonging the shelf life of foodstuffs. This is achieved through ingredients based on natural compounds suitable for human consumption and aimed at producing safe products of the very highest quality.
Specifically for the meat industry, Vedeqsa developed the most important innovation in food preservation in recent years, LAE® (Lauric Arginate Ethyl), a highly effective molecule against microorganisms, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and yeasts.
This advanced antimicrobial metabolises quickly in the digestive tract and holds all the relevant approvals worldwide, thanks to the high level of safety proven in the toxicological studies conducted.
As well as preservatives based on LAE®, Vedeqsa produces a wide range of solutions for the meat industry.

Application in cooked meats for:

Application in raw meat for:

conservacion etiqueta limpia carne cruda vedeqsa

Application in fermented meat for:

conservacion film carne fermentada vedeqsa