Within the MIRENAT® product range, VEDEQSA manufactures solid and liquid food additives, adapted to a wide variety of applications.
MIRENAT® solid formulations:
MIRENAT®-AL: LAE® / organic acids
MIRENAT®-D: LAE® / vegetable fiber
MIRENAT®-NSM: LAE® / maltodextrin
MIRENAT®-V: LAE® / natural vinegar acids
MIRENAT® liquid formulations with food grade solvents as vehicle:
MIRENAT®-DC: LAE® / spice extracts
MIRENAT®-ET: LAE® / ethanol and water
MIRENAT®-G: LAE® / glycerin
MIRENAT®-S: LAE / with flavorings
MIRENAT®-SY: LAE® / propylene glycol
MIRENAT®-SY / 4: LAE® / emulsifiers
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