Extend the shelf life of food products

Designed specifically for the food industry, the antioxidant products developed by our team of experts provide an effective protection against oxidation, which optimises production costs and guarantees the highest level of safety for human consumption for a longer period of time.

Antioxidants for meat:

vedeqsa lae heat treated meat products antimicrobial innocuous to humans mirenat

Antioxidants for fish:

conservacion pescado fresco etil lauroil arginato inocuo mirenat vedeqsa

Antioxidants for animal feed:

estabilizantes antioxidantes alimentacion animal en lata aditivos vedeqsa

Antioxidants for sauces:

goma xantana y goma guar alkemir espesante y estabilizante de salsa mayonesa y otros productos con alto o bajo contenido en aceite

Antioxidants for ready meals:

conservantes estabilizantes etiqueta limpia antioxidantes para platos preparados fabrica de aditivos vedeqsa