With 60 years of experience, LAMIRSA GROUP employs 120 people and continue growing.
VEDEQSA is a referent in developing additives

LAMIRSA GROUP is serving industrial and food sectors since 1959.

VEDEQSA (Venta de Especialidades Químicas, S.A), belongs to LAMIRSA GROUP ever since 1967 and specializes in additives and specific ingredients for the food and cosmetic industries.

LAMIRSA GROUP has a production facility of 33,000sqm in Terrassa, North Barcelona, to meet the needs of domestic and international markets.

With 120 employees in Spain, of which 60 are technicians, the premises include laboratories which carry out an intensive R&D activity.

VEDEQSA offers a wide range of additives specially designed and developed for the food and cosmetics industry, such as:

  • Preservatives
  • Microencapsulated products
  • Stabilizers / Formulated hydrocolloids
  • PVA coatings for meat and cheese products
  • Antioxidants


Within the range of products, we highlight:

MIRENAT® preservatives for the food industry based on LAE®

AMINAT® preservatives for the cosmetics industry based on LAE®

MIRCAP®, microencapsulated products for the bakery, meat and confectionery industry to achieve controlled release and protection against unfavorable temperature, pH and solubility conditions

Production area of 33,000 sqm in Barcelona meets the needs of domestic market and abroad.
VEDEQSA ensures advanced technology for the development and research of new applications.

What is LAE®?

Based on natural raw materials, LAE® (Lauric Arginate) is an innovative and safe preservative with really high antimicrobial activity.

Even though some countries consider that Lauric Arginate is a food ingredient and may be used without pre-market evaluation and authorisation, LAMIRSA GROUP, has a strong commitment to the safety and security of the final consumer and has commissioned a comprehensive series of toxicological studies in external, internationally recognised laboratories.

These studies have fully established that this innovative substance, manufactured under patented processes by LAMIRSA GROUP, is safe for consumers at the levels of use recommended by LAMIRSA GROUP,  according to official approvals and our expertise at the real application levels.

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